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Be a Group Asset... not a burden.

r3ib, Feb 10, 11 5:34 PM.
Being a desired member of a group, requires more than "epic" skills at the keyboard... there is a certain etiquette involved. There are appropriate behaviors, that should be exercised when grouped, especially when not running with guild. Remember that your actions reflect on the guild, so here are some "Do's & Don'ts" to keep in mind, when you are part of a group...

~ Be ready ... before dungeon starts. Don't hold up your group, by not being prepared ahead of time. Before you accept a dungeon invite, or designate your role (if using "Dungeon Finder"), besure you have done the fallowing...
-Fixed Armor
-Have your own Buffs... Flasks/Food/Scrolls/etc.
-Appropriate Gear (Tanking vs. Healing)(PvE vs. PvP)

~ Be early ... especially if it was a scheduled or calendar raid invite. Unless you received a last minute invite, there is no reason you should require a "summon". Don't be a noob, give yourself enough time to travel to the dungeon entrance.

~ Be curteous to others... don't assume and don't expect! Many Players have gotten Lazy and Rude, don't be one of them.
-Any time you die at, or before, the first boss... RUN BACK! Even if you are the only one down. If it's a Wipe, and you wait to be "rezzed", you don't deserve to remain in the group, regardless of what your role or performance in group is.
-If you are missing a raid buff, you generally just need to ask to be rebuffed "plz".
-Not everyone has had the same experience as you... some more, some less. If things are not happening the way you are used to, feel free to ask or make suggestions... just be polite.
-Don't use foul language. If you are working and you hit your thumb with a hammer ... "F@#$%K!" may be blurted out of your mouth, instantaneously. Here however, there is time to select a more appropriate word choice, before typing it into chat window. If this sounds too "square" to you, then you have no idea, how much damage the upset parent of a minor can do, regardless of how small of an issue you or I feel it should be.

~ Be patient ... it's a game and supposed to be fun. A little communication goes a long way.
-Be sure everyone is clear on fight strategies, before you begin, especially on boss fights.
-give players time to prepare between fights as well... mana up, rebuff, etc.
-If a player doesn't seem to be pulling their weight, don't throw out "WTF?"... there are ways to help people to play better... without telling them how to play.

*** I realize that there are no absolutes, and exceptions to every rule... and I'm not telling anyone what they can and cannot do. These are things that I know others and especially raid leaders appreciate. Some or all of this, may seem like common sense to you, I can only hope, because it should. But my experience has been, it never hurts to be reminded, and if you are in one of my runs, and are mysteriously "kicked" from group... refer back to this post, you'll probably find the reason "why".

WTB Guild Tank

r3ib, Feb 2, 11 11:04 PM.
Any 85 member who can tank random regulars... will receive 50g per successful run, for upto (4) runs a day, as long as I am in the group to observe... "R3"

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

MissLadeeda, Oct 11, 10 10:25 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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